We have provided grants to many organisations, enabling them to provide valuable non-vocational adult education or well-being activities in the community.

Can we help you?

What we fund

We support organisations to provide non-vocational educational opportunities or well-being activities for adults.

Adults are defined as persons over the age of 16 years, living, working or studying principally within, but not limited to, the County of Warwickshire.

We do not usually invest in capital projects. If, exceptionally, support is awarded for a capital project, special conditions will apply.

Who can apply

We welcome grant applications from organisations who offer non-vocational education opportunities or well-being activities for adults aged 16 or over. We give preference to projects for the benefit of adults based in the County of Warwickshire but grants may be awarded to projects outside the county at the discretion of the Trustees.

If you are an individual aged 16-25, please apply for the Westham House Fund Young Person’s Fellowship instead.

How to apply

We need your organisation to provide us with two documents:

1. A covering letter (2 pages maximum)

This letter should include:

    • project title
    • Project length
    • match funding secured (where applicable),
    • background, aims and objectives of the project
    • a statement of the anticipated outcomes
    • Please also state clearly the amount of funding sought from the Westham House Fund

2. A budget for your project (1 page maximum)

This should outline the total costs for the project and should clearly indicate the elements to be covered by the grant requested.

Please make sure both documents contain the full name and address of the contact person for the project.

The deadline for applications is 31 August each year.

You can submit your organisation's application by email to

or by post:

Westham House Fundc/o The Percival GuildhouseSt Matthew's StreetRugbyCV21 3BY

How decisions are made

Grant applications are evaluated by the Westham House Fund’s Board of Trustees at their Annual General Meeting in October. Awards will also be made at this meeting; the Trustees’ decision is final.

If we decide to offer you a grant, we may award the full amount requested. However, as funds are limited, Trustees may decide to award a grant that funds part of the amount requested.

Trustees also favour match-funding. In this case, WHF offers to match support that has already been secured from another grant provider up to a specified maximum. This allows the cost of a project to be funded by more than one grant provider.

We will let you know the result of your application shortly after WHF’s Annual General Meeting in October.

Who we have helped

Over the years we have helped more than 30 organisations to offer non-vocational adult education in the community. More recently, we have also supported the provision of activities which enhance the well-being of adults in local communities.